Ythan Challenge 2014


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:03:30Dennis Chalmers
521:03:33Kenny Corcoran
531:03:56Gregg Cameron
541:03:57Chris Coxhill
551:03:57Pete Byrd
561:04:03Jim Morton
571:04:17Nik Robinson
581:04:21Gary Thomson
591:04:25Lee Buchan
601:04:26Mike Mackay
611:04:28Gillian Strachan
621:04:32Michael Barrett
631:05:00Graham Kelly
641:05:04Michael Ellington
651:05:09Sandy Ingram
661:05:14Leigh Strachan
671:05:15Gordon Pirie
681:05:21Steven Antczak
691:05:37Rod Wallace
701:05:39David Muir
711:05:47Mike Jennings
721:05:53Matthew Shaw
731:06:11David Bremner
741:06:16Charlie Paton
751:06:18Stephen Anderson
761:06:19Peter Henderson
771:06:20Matt Corbin
781:06:22David Orr
791:06:31Andrew West
801:06:31Duncan Abernethy
811:06:35Mark Miller
821:06:45Dave More
831:06:47Jamie Mackinnon
841:07:03Stuart Patience
851:07:15James Cruickshank
861:07:23Murray Skinner
871:07:26Ben Webb
881:07:27Jason Topley
891:07:27Sinead Stenhouse
901:07:32Jim Bowie
911:07:38Graeme Gammack
921:07:46William Dow
931:07:47Mark Robertson
941:07:56Colin Birnie
951:08:03Andrew Little
961:08:20Ian Mitchell
971:08:29Padraig Nolan
981:08:31Mike Watt
991:08:39James Callander
1001:08:53Graham Aitken

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