Leicester Marathon 2014


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:35:18Matt Adcock
22:37:01Robert Affleck
32:40:25Adam Holland
42:40:34Hywel Davies
52:46:25Stuart Hopkins
62:49:27Sam Pearch
72:51:17Dave Sedgwick
82:51:57Russell Tapping
92:53:57Mark Carwardine
102:55:35Mark King
112:56:04Ross Martin
122:56:34Robert Aashby
132:59:06Paul Davies
142:59:37Richard Walsh
153:00:09Dave Crossley
163:01:10Tony Letts
173:01:21Christopher Dover
183:01:48Colin Stark
193:02:07Matthew Slater
203:02:15Graham Taylor
213:02:50Dipesh Dhimar
223:03:31James Stringer
233:03:36James Blore
243:03:57Daniel Jordan
253:04:20Mark Ramsden
263:04:41Sam Pole
273:06:04Nicholas Marsh
283:07:42Richard Rollins
293:07:44Steve Brett
303:07:55Kate Wright
313:08:21Ed Toone
323:08:29Elvis Parsley
333:09:11Al Chapman
343:09:12Alistair Chambers
353:09:36Andrew Graham
363:10:00Pete Davis
373:10:23James Lunn
383:13:51Laurence Wicks
393:14:16Andrew Tidey
403:14:20Lee Kuklinski
413:14:52Tom Humphries
423:15:20Sarah Fraser
433:15:31Shane Nesbitt
443:15:41Michael Nessling
453:15:46Tom Fowler
463:15:51Gill Hoole
473:16:17Jason Kermode
483:16:18Jenny Day
493:16:32James Smith
503:18:16Matthew Phillips

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