Kingston Lacy Running Festival 2014 (Live)


Pos.Finish time Participant
11:19:54David Lopez
21:24:27Mark Smith
31:27:22Sian Thomas
41:27:37Lee Simon
51:28:06Frances Johnson
61:28:54Phil Hoy
71:29:37John Cook
81:32:00Brian Fields
91:32:18Andy Horsley
101:32:23Gemma Bragg
111:32:31Grant Vernon
121:33:39Tom Marshall
131:33:45Mark Goodwin
141:33:53Mark Jeffery
151:34:18Scott Brimicombe
161:34:56Paul Davis
171:35:44Allen Long
181:35:49Philip Clipson
191:35:50James Rawner
201:36:33Leigh Brimicombe
211:36:39Charles Tipper
221:37:45Jonathan Talbot
231:37:51Andy Lawlor
241:38:19Daniel Mullings
251:38:36Stephen Mortimer
261:38:57David Osment
271:39:03Paul Robinson
281:39:09Heather Maxwell
291:39:57Richard Coney
301:40:29Graeme Thew
311:40:50Mark Dobbs
321:41:08Paul Viney
331:41:16James Beech
341:41:31Jon Leing
351:41:55Frances Johnson
361:42:32Christian Weller
371:42:50Jenny Walker Leach
381:42:54Ian Payne
391:42:58Charles Thorne
401:43:34John Hall
411:43:44Steve Owen
421:44:06Tracy Sherwood
431:44:23Andrew Sample
441:44:30Poppy Langdon-down
451:44:35Matt Braithwaite
461:44:59Raymond Hood
471:45:16Sarah Morgan
481:45:21Angela Allcock
491:45:25Terry Nippress
501:45:30Simon Nash

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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