Windsor Triathlon 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Stuart Hayes1:56:22
2Daniel Halksworth1:57:48
3Andy Hamilton2:01:55
4Richard Stannard2:02:11
5Karl Alexander2:05:16
6Paul Burton2:05:51
7Peter Hogben2:06:47
8B2p The Balding The Bald And The Baldest2:08:50
9Tom Lewin2:08:52
10Will Newbury2:10:01
11Antony Dodson2:10:27
12Ross Muir2:13:00
13Ian Poulter2:14:00
14Team The Wogans2:14:11
15Team 2 Men And A Little Lady2:14:22
16Paul Young2:14:31
17Team Batey Brothers2:14:39
18Sarah Lewis2:14:56
19Brochan Watts2:15:09
20Paul Perry2:15:31
21Richard Evans2:15:34
22Max Wolke2:15:37
23Team Cool Bananas2:15:40
24Team The Phipps2:16:16
26Edward Nunn2:16:39
27Charles Ashwanden2:16:50
28Team Chalont Dads2:16:59
29Steve Fell2:16:59
30Nic Harker2:17:00
31Julian Fairley2:17:05
32Christopher Duck2:17:14
33Stuart Irving2:17:17
34Per Hellevik Carlsson2:17:24
35Peter Orme2:17:43
36Mike Williams2:18:08
37Matt Smith2:18:22
38Hugh Gibbs2:18:43
39Dan Marshman2:18:51
40Ammon Piepgrass2:19:00
41Stuart Craik2:19:01
42Gary Cummins2:19:21
43John Wisner2:19:22
44Matthew Mcclure2:19:32
45Anna Sykes-brown2:19:33
46Craig Harper2:19:33
47Team Beyond Bancroft's2:20:01
48Sterling Austin2:20:03
49Ian Shaw2:20:17
50Adam Elderfield2:20:22

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail:

0208 391 3913