Windsor Triathlon 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
101Team The Tyrie Boys2:24:14
102Lloyd Cosgrove2:24:17
103Jorge Gallardo2:24:26
104Nicolas Ireland2:24:30
105Matthew Levett2:24:30
106Toby Cole2:24:31
107James West2:24:33
108Steven Hobson2:24:35
109Daniel Goscomb2:24:37
110Marc Crosby2:24:44
111Clive Carter2:24:46
112John Kennedy2:24:52
113Ade Grimmond2:24:54
114Oliver Harland2:25:00
115Russell Squires2:25:02
116Errol Hutchings2:25:14
117Mark Vogler2:25:21
118Alexander Reid2:25:28
119Blaine Kearey2:25:31
120David Sharpe2:25:32
121Ashley Stuart2:25:36
122Matt Kerry2:25:43
123Jason Leaf2:25:46
124James Mccann2:25:47
125James Mason2:25:48
126Sean Johnstone2:25:49
127Kevin Barrett2:25:51
128Team Bacon Sarnies With Ketchup2:26:03
129Wesley Trigg2:26:04
130Clive Smith2:26:10
131Michael Wilks2:26:12
132Team Chuck2:26:13
133Richard Jex2:26:15
134Guy Cochrane2:26:15
135Kevin Dean2:26:15
136Aaron Clement2:26:16
137Charlotte Bowsher2:26:17
138Glenn Helsby2:26:17
139Andrew Moreton2:26:23
140Alexander Lake2:26:27
141Grant Cooper2:26:29
142Shaun Satterthwaite2:26:31
143Jim Graham2:26:31
144William Stober2:26:32
145Molly Patch2:26:39
146Ross Lindsay2:26:40
147Colin Brooke2:26:43
148David Meller2:26:48
149Paul Cuff2:26:48
150Adrian Metcalfe2:26:50

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail:

0208 391 3913