Macmillan Cycletta Bedfordshire 2015


Chip timeParticipant
1:58:44Laura Adams
2:13:43Beverley Aldwinckle
2:53:19Franchesca Allen
2:56:59Cathy Anderson
1:33:48Glenda Anderson
1:40:23Rachel Anderson
1:47:15Valerie Ayton
2:13:44Jo Barks
2:18:19Sally Bayles
2:20:47Sharon Bayton
2:27:42Angie Bishop
2:35:30Jackie Boakes
1:56:09Margaret Bradburn
3:23:59Debbie Bradsell
1:51:35Teresa Broughton
3:44:04Katherine Brown
1:51:11Melanie Brown
2:48:48Sheila Byrne
2:10:31Zoe Cadman
2:59:18Julia Carter
2:12:52Catherine Chambers
2:47:27Erica Chambers
2:54:25Helen Chard
2:07:09Amanda Chaston
2:25:22Vivienne Chesterfield
3:08:23Hailey Church
2:07:24Rachel Clark
1:43:12Amelia Clow
1:46:01Diane Cotrill
2:59:17Sally Cotter
1:49:55Caroline Crawford
3:40:27Karen Crowley
2:34:20Lorraine Dalton
2:08:10Christine Davies
1:56:20Sarah Dawe
2:20:43Gemma Day
2:26:13Dympna Donnelly
2:42:10Stacy Donnelly
2:53:34Mandy Douglas
2:28:35Elizabeth Dove
2:27:48Nicole Dunn
2:12:47Kirsty Egan-Carter
2:53:04Lisa Emmington
2:08:25Kate Falloon
2:18:19Caroline Fantozzi
2:33:13Sharon Faruquee
2:23:28Helen Fish
2:47:26Clare Flanagan
2:13:43Linda Fowler
1:34:55Ruth Fox

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.