Trick or Treat Run 2015


Pos.Chip time Participant
5011:20:01Bronagh Macartney
5021:20:01Claire Macartney
5031:20:11Mackenzie Malcolm
5041:20:11Natalie Cole
5051:20:11Adele Frances
5061:20:13Jill Bowden-Doyle
5071:20:13Sara Colenso
5081:21:22Fiona Lewis
5091:25:37Carly Lezer
5101:25:37Claire Bradley
5111:29:05Jiayi Liu
5121:30:17Katarina Carolan
5131:30:18Heather Holt
5141:31:23Suzanne Castle
5151:31:25Stephen Easley
5161:31:25Pippa Ridall
5171:31:25Richele Cockley
5181:32:32Melanie O'Brien
5191:32:37Lisa Dawkins
5201:34:41Tammy Barter
5211:34:41Michelle Tolmia
5221:37:52Darren Wyles
5231:45:16Paul Ellison
5241:45:16Karra Willmott
5251:45:57Sharon Armon
5261:46:00Deborah Bayliss
--Jawad Bhatti
--Rhian Parham
--Emma Brunjes
--Janice Caldwell
--Karen Mcinerney
DNF1:11:13Heidi Blackburn
DNF1:13:03Jodie Blackburn
QUERY36:08Cindy Cheng
QUERY43:55Samantha Skye
QUERY43:55Samantha Skye
QUERY52:19Margareth Ainley
DNS2:04:02Victoria Wiesener

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail:

0208 391 3913