Lumphannan Detox 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
5142:21Mary Macintosh
5242:23Dirk Wallis
5342:24George Mcpherson
5442:25Jennifer Ricketts
5542:25Craig Anderson
5642:39Craig Smith
5742:44Douglas London
5842:46Jim Purdie
5942:51Sally Wallis
6042:52Martin Reid
6143:00Adam Scragg
6243:01Bruce Taylor
6343:02Michael Watts
6443:02Stuart Milne
6543:03Douglas Wood
6643:04Alastair Findlay
6743:08David Dewhurst
6843:10Kimberley Preston
6943:15Phil Mann
7043:18Ally Sutherland
7143:24Ian Rentoul
7243:26Roger Coombs
7343:31Gary Stewart
7443:51Euan Cargill
7543:52Andrew Miller
7643:55Graham Thomson
7744:13Ben Fiddes
7844:19Laura Sarkis
7944:26Finn Nixon
8044:27Charlie Ritchie
8144:40Andy Redman
8244:40Kirsty Coombs
8344:44Mark Thomson
8444:48Lucy Davies
8544:55Ashley Pearson
8644:57Jason Whitelaw
8744:58Christopher Hanton
8844:59Alan Johnstone
8945:02Trevor Ricketts
9045:03David Clark
9145:07Colin Thomson
9245:08Simon Lamb
9345:13Stephen Cole
9445:14Rod Wallace
9545:25Colin Burnett
9645:27Graham Moar
9745:35Barry Woods
9845:38Gavin Harris
9945:44Mark Miller
10045:48William Milne

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.