Lumphannan Detox 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company/Sponsor
146:50Mark Crawfordbanchory running club
247:26John Masonbanchory running club
348:01Sandy Reidbanchory running club
451:13Gordon Smithbanchory running club
552:24Jack Honeybanchory running club
652:27Kerry Sutherlandbanchory running club
752:50Lesley Cheynebanchory running club
854:13David Dawsonbanchory running club
954:51Margaret Dornanbanchory running club
101:03:07Ali Oddsbanchory running club
111:03:21Shirley Marshallbanchory running club
121:09:19Lily Morrisonbanchory running club
131:12:33Lesley Youngbanchory running club

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.