ACC Live Results Day 2 2014


Pos.Chip time Participant
13:52:53Jon Sharkey
24:04:38Gary Richards
34:07:12Jeremy Taylor
44:14:12Gary Herring
54:14:21Tom Sutton
64:14:28Duncan Oakes
74:15:47Andy Jukes
84:22:30Alastair Bridgman
94:31:34Andrew Vian
104:33:25Simon Timms
114:34:31Adrian Maidment
124:35:40Phil Adams
134:40:09Oliver Duncan-King
144:44:14Matthew Smart
154:44:34Fiona Aitkin
164:45:32Mark Thompson
174:45:50Jon Harris
184:46:30Matty Hall
194:46:33Melanie Langer
204:47:26Steven Jackson
214:47:42Alf Owen
224:47:49James Eacott
234:47:52Kerry Sutton
244:49:03Lee Channon
254:49:23Nicholas Braybrook
264:51:28Owen McIntyre
274:53:03Ben Burfoot
284:56:23James Barrah
294:58:02Scott McCubbin
304:58:06Hywel Pegler
314:58:39Anneliese Heard
324:59:01Sam Shannon
334:59:59Laura Appleby
345:00:01David Alcock
355:00:24Greg Moore
365:00:58Bernard Genge
375:03:36Dave Tilsley
385:04:33Serena Von Der Heyde
395:04:44Richard Adcock
405:05:33Dan Hollingworth
415:05:34Nick Cooper
425:05:40Steve Clark
435:05:45John Lewis
445:07:53Sarah Thomson
455:11:48Tony Lewington
465:14:16Jakub Dubaniewicz
475:14:20Duncan Baber
485:16:20Adam Herbert
495:16:34Peter Cross
505:16:48Charlotte Nobbs

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