ACC Live Results Day 3 2014


Pos.Chip time Participant
14:57:09Duncan Oakes
25:02:37Jon Sharkey
35:06:10Jeremy Taylor
45:29:05Gary Herring
55:29:07Andy Jukes
65:30:12Tom Sutton
75:46:32Adrian Maidment
85:47:18Mark Thompson
95:47:59Oliver Duncan-King
105:48:55Andrew Vian
115:52:00Robert Young
125:52:06Jon Harris
135:53:10Ian Baxter
146:03:43James Eacott
156:03:50Kerry Sutton
166:04:38Lee Channon
176:05:30Sam Shannon
186:06:11Alastair Bridgman
196:06:33Owen McIntyre
206:13:12Phil Adams
216:14:46Matty Hall
226:16:35Charlie Nobbs
236:21:10Josh Morland
246:21:22Melanie Langer
256:22:08Ben Burfoot
266:24:29James Barrah
276:25:52Steven Jackson
286:27:31Adam Herbert
296:28:32Pete Marsden
306:29:17Fiona Aitkin
316:29:54Justin Lowell
326:30:15Hywel Pegler
336:32:12Laura Appleby
346:33:03Nick Cooper
356:33:11Dan Hollingworth
366:33:15Steve Clark
376:33:21John Lewis
386:34:03Tom Walker
396:34:38Adam Ballantyne
406:34:52Serena Von Der Heyde
416:36:11Matthew Smart
426:36:44Sarah Thomson
436:38:15Dave Tilsley
446:39:51Nicholas Braybrook
456:41:23Charlotte Nobbs
466:41:58Jamie Prangnell
476:42:25Rob Tippett
486:43:46Nicholas Lloyd
496:44:15Andy Miles
506:46:09Bernard Genge

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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