National Club Relays 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team 12:56:48
2Tri Camp Tri Camp Tfn A Team3:00:41
3Army Triathlon Association Army Tri Seniors3:06:02
4Athlos Triathlon Racing Team Athlos Triathlon Racing Team3:08:13
5Durham University Triathlon Club Durham University Men3:08:24
6Jmcs Race Team Jmcs Race Team3:08:52
7Tri Camp Tri Camp Tfn Speedy Vets3:10:54
8Lincoln Tri Lincoln Tri Elite3:11:00
9Tri Camp Tri Camp Tfn B Team3:12:07
10Tripack Rt Tripackrt3:12:33
11Medwaytri Medway Tri Mens 13:12:42
12Derby Triathlon Club Derby Desperados3:13:57
13Louth Triathlon Club Louth Tri Elite3:14:00
14Raf Triathlon Raf Tri3:14:32
15University Of Birmingham Triathlon Team All Torque No Walk3:14:41
16Speed Hubs Wolfpack Twiggstar Racing3:15:58
17Belpertentwenty The Shuttle Express3:16:17
18Tri4u Coaching Tri4u3:16:37
19Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Men's Vet 13:17:22
20Brat Club Mens A Team3:17:29
21Erdinger Alkoholfrei Erdinger Alkoholfrei Team One3:17:55
22Doncaster Triathlon Team Dtc Elite3:19:32
23Tripackrt Tripackrt Mixed3:19:40
24One Life Racing One Life Junior Lads3:20:40
25Derby Triathlon Club Derby Dynamos3:21:27
26University Of Birmingham Triathlon Team 3:21:29
27Wrekin College Triathlon Wrekin College Junior3:21:31
28Brat Club Brat Boys3:21:53
29Titan Triathlon Titan International Triathlon Suad3:22:12
30One Life Racing One Life Racing - Male Vets3:22:25
31Wrekin College Triathlon Wrekin College Mens Vets3:22:28
32Tyne Tri Tyne Men A3:22:49
33Chippenham Tri Chippenham Tri Elite Men3:24:57
34Leicester Tri Club Captain Cuddles & His Merry Men3:26:20
35Transition Tri Transition Tri Orange3:26:24
36Tfn Tri Club Tfn Vets3:28:02
37Brat Club Womens A Team3:28:27
38Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team 33:28:47
39Pamp P.a.m.p3:31:02
40University Of Nottingham Triathlon Club Uon Tryathletes A3:31:10
41Hillingdon Triathletes Strong Like Lion3:31:24
42 Fts Race Team3:31:33
43Leicester Triathlon Club Tri-cerotops3:32:28
44Halesowen Tri 2 Halesowen Tri3:32:43
45Brat Club All About That Brat, Bout That Brat3:32:51
46Serpentine Serpentirons3:33:56
47Speed Hubs Wolfpack Steve's Kickers3:34:14
48Mark White Coaching Rt Team B - Mark White Coaching Rt3:34:33
49Exeter Triathlon Club Exeter's Triceratops3:35:25
504 Life Tri Club Four Lifebuoys3:36:14

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.

01427 718888