National Club Relays 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time Team Time
1Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team 12:56:48
2Tri Camp Tri Camp Tfn A Team3:00:41
3Army Triathlon Association Army Tri Seniors3:06:02
4Athlos Triathlon Racing Team Athlos Triathlon Racing Team3:08:13
5Durham University Triathlon Club Durham University Men3:08:24
6Jmcs Race Team Jmcs Race Team3:08:52
7Tri Camp Tri Camp Tfn Speedy Vets3:10:54
8Lincoln Tri Lincoln Tri Elite3:11:00
9Tri Camp Tri Camp Tfn B Team3:12:07
10Tripack Rt Tripackrt3:12:33
11Medwaytri Medway Tri Mens 13:12:42
12Derby Triathlon Club Derby Desperados3:13:57
13Louth Triathlon Club Louth Tri Elite3:14:00
14Raf Triathlon Raf Tri3:14:32
15University Of Birmingham Triathlon Team All Torque No Walk3:14:41
16Speed Hubs Wolfpack Twiggstar Racing3:15:58
17Belpertentwenty The Shuttle Express3:16:17
18Tri4u Coaching Tri4u3:16:37
19Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Men's Vet 13:17:22
20Brat Club Mens A Team3:17:29
21Erdinger Alkoholfrei Erdinger Alkoholfrei Team One3:17:55
22Doncaster Triathlon Team Dtc Elite3:19:32
23Tripackrt Tripackrt Mixed3:19:40
24One Life Racing One Life Junior Lads3:20:40
25Derby Triathlon Club Derby Dynamos3:21:27
26University Of Birmingham Triathlon Team 3:21:29
27Wrekin College Triathlon Wrekin College Junior3:21:31
28Brat Club Brat Boys3:21:53
29Titan Triathlon Titan International Triathlon Suad3:22:12
30One Life Racing One Life Racing - Male Vets3:22:25
31Wrekin College Triathlon Wrekin College Mens Vets3:22:28
32Tyne Tri Tyne Men A3:22:49
33Chippenham Tri Chippenham Tri Elite Men3:24:57
34Leicester Tri Club Captain Cuddles & His Merry Men3:26:20
35Transition Tri Transition Tri Orange3:26:24
36Tfn Tri Club Tfn Vets3:28:02
37Brat Club Womens A Team3:28:27
38Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team 33:28:47
39Pamp P.a.m.p3:31:02
40University Of Nottingham Triathlon Club Uon Tryathletes A3:31:10
41Hillingdon Triathletes Strong Like Lion3:31:24
42 Fts Race Team3:31:33
43Leicester Triathlon Club Tri-cerotops3:32:28
44Halesowen Tri 2 Halesowen Tri3:32:43
45Brat Club All About That Brat, Bout That Brat3:32:51
46Serpentine Serpentirons3:33:56
47Speed Hubs Wolfpack Steve's Kickers3:34:14
48Mark White Coaching Rt Team B - Mark White Coaching Rt3:34:33
49Exeter Triathlon Club Exeter's Triceratops3:35:25
504 Life Tri Club Four Lifebuoys3:36:14

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.