National Club Relays 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Men's 11:05:16
2Racetime Events Racetime Events Race Team1:06:09
3Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team 11:06:17
4Langdale Lightweights Langdale Lightweights1:07:45
5Red Venom Red Venom 11:07:57
6Tri Camp Tfn 3 Tri Camp Tfn 31:09:10
7Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team 21:09:46
8Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Men's 21:10:03
9Torq Torq1:10:07
10Loughborough Triathlon Loughborough Triathlon1:10:14
11Tripackrt Tripackrt1:10:21
12Army Triathlon Association Army Tri1:11:24
13Jmcs Race Team Jmcs Race Team1:12:19
13Arragons Cumbrian Triathlon Club Actc Black And Whites1:12:19
15Sportstiks Sportstiks1:13:06
16Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Men's 31:14:00
17Racetime Triathlon Club All Mixed Up...1:14:15
18Nrg/godleys Rt Nrg/godleys Rt 11:14:32
19Coalfields Triathlon Club Coalfields Team Gav1:15:35
20Belpertentwenty Belper's Finest Range1:16:18
21Tripackrt Tripackrt Mixed1:16:24
22Tri Camp Tfn 2 Tri Camp Tfn 21:17:23
23Brat Club Cool Everything1:17:24
24Loughborough Triathlon Loughborough Students1:17:53
25Army Tri Army Tri1:18:09
26Holmfirth Harriers Holmfirth Junior Women1:18:46
27Arragons Cumbrian Triathlon Club Actc Blue And Whites1:18:49
28Belvoir Tri Club Justin Beavers1:19:05
29Nuneaton Triathlon Club Nuneaton Tri Magnetos1:19:24
30Serpentine Rc Serpentine Rc1:19:29
31Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team Mixed 11:19:42
32Stafford Tri Stafford Tri1:19:45
33Medway Tri Medway Tri1:20:10
34Tyne Tri Tyne Men A1:20:16
35Fts Race Team Fts Race Team1:21:03
36Optima Racing Team Optima Racing Team 31:21:15
37Wootton Tri Wootton Eagles1:23:07
38Hoddesdon Tri Club Hoddesdon Tri Club 11:23:17
38519 5191:23:17
40Brat Club Cool Runnings1:23:18
41Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Men's 41:23:33
42Exeter Triathlon Club Exeterminators1:23:34
43Tfn Tri Club Hot Tub Tfn Machine1:24:11
44Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Open 11:24:44
45Ealing Triathletes Ealing Faster1:25:29
46Exeter Triathlon Club Exeter's Triceratops1:26:07
47Absolute Tri Team Freakin' Awesome1:26:44
48Tyne Tri Tyne Ladies A1:26:54
49Charnwood Triathlon Club Charnwood Tri1:27:30
50Jackpot Racing Jackpot Racing Men's Vet 21:28:11

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