Firle Half Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
11:21:17Del Wallace
21:22:48Matthew Dowse
31:23:19Jon Brookes
41:23:38James Mullan
51:24:11Mark Furth
61:25:30Steve Dallman
71:25:34Howard Clark
81:26:44Ben Gibson
91:26:50Oliver Gibson
101:27:11Ross Brocklehurst
111:27:14Shaun Challis
121:27:57Michael Hobbs
131:28:30Thomas Ireland
141:28:38Iosu Jimenez
151:28:59Tim Crook
161:29:34Tim Jukes
171:30:44Mal Preece
181:31:11Stuart Baker
191:31:14Oliver Blaydon
201:31:25Fiona Russell
211:31:40Catherine Bounds
221:32:03Graham Woolley
231:32:46Dan Elswood
241:33:31Paul Mealling
251:33:37Dominic Osman-Allu
261:33:51Ross Wiggins
271:34:09Ruairdh Mcintyre
281:34:46Jose Carnerero
291:34:48Darryl Coulter
301:35:20Richard Sloggett
311:35:21Mike Nighy
321:36:01Jonathan Davidson
331:36:30Jonathan Hutchins
341:36:40Sean Gibson
351:36:52Body Geoff
361:36:59James Lewington
371:37:12Daniel Pearson
381:37:15Tony Deacon
391:37:58Tim Moloney
401:37:59Shaun Bigg
411:38:00John Crossman
421:38:06Dave Ford
431:38:22David Mills
441:39:07Marzia Chisholm
451:39:08Colin Haffenden
461:39:35Dean Sanders
471:39:44Matthew Cawthra
481:40:19Emma Pavey
491:40:31Neil Terry
501:40:53Claire Lockwood

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.
For result queries please e-mail:

07768 556 802