Ythan Challenge 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
5511:50:48Julie Fox
5521:50:48Helen Young
5531:50:59Heather Duncan
5541:51:25Clair Rennie
5551:51:32Mhairi Hall
5561:52:22Daniel Wilson
5571:52:36Diane Davidson
5581:52:37Claire Beattie
5591:52:40James Marr
5601:52:54Lewis Henderson
5611:52:54Louise Mcnab
5621:54:20Karen Low
5631:54:51Rebecca Murdoch
5641:54:51Suzanne Murdoch
5651:55:39Emma Pettis
5661:56:02Gareth Jones
5671:56:12Carrie Brechin
5681:56:12Angela Kemp
5691:56:24Vicky Mcbride
5701:57:42Jennifer Robertson
5711:57:42Karen Campbell
5721:58:16Maurice Staples
5731:59:01Jaisree Cavala
5742:00:05Aishling Mutch
5752:00:34Joyce Davidson
5762:01:03Tracey Gammack
5772:02:07Diane Forman
5782:02:08Anne Cordiner
5792:02:08Valerie Calder
5802:02:37Ian Fegen
5812:02:37Matthew Lemon
5822:02:37Sarah Newman-Holden
5832:02:37Jess Lees
5842:02:37Olga Balakireva
5852:02:43Carol Curran
5862:03:50Charles Daniel
5872:03:50Helen Hill
5882:03:50Liesel Hill
5892:03:50Caroline Rodger
5902:04:52Dick Steven
5912:07:14Paula Gray
5922:07:14Siobhan Simpson
5932:09:24Garry Duncan
5942:09:25Arlene Lorgen
5952:11:49Stephanie Deans
5962:15:48Alison Morrison
DNF-Bill Caffyn
DNF-Steven Allan
DNF-Steven Jones
DNF-Jason Topley

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