Longleat 10k and 2M 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
11011:24:09Louise Waghorn
11021:24:24Julie Mills
11031:24:24Benjamin Mills
11041:24:31Alison Jones
11051:24:31Dave Speck
11061:24:32Phoebe Sherborne
11071:24:34Katie Brooks
11081:24:58Sue Davie
11091:24:58Alun Davie
11101:24:59Jane Sampson
11111:24:59Kathryn Hughes
11121:25:09Joanna Devas
11131:25:21Meranda Winter
11141:25:31Debbie Cox
11151:25:35Nic Green
11161:26:34Bev Elliott
11171:26:47Timothy Wilson
11181:27:03Rachael Mckelvey
11191:27:04Natalie Nicoll
11201:27:23Emma Beckett
11211:28:32Anne Slade
11221:28:34Sarah Nash
11231:28:57Carolyn Allen
11241:29:31Andrew Relf
11251:29:31Amy Moore
11261:29:33Louise Smith
11271:29:35Victoria Lane
11281:30:48Nicky Anning
11291:30:55Alice Hall
11301:30:55Sian Hughes
11311:30:56Andrew Wiliams
11321:30:59Linda Samuel
11331:30:59Daniel Nadzo
11341:36:31Gemma Sampson
11351:37:53Paul Woodward
11361:37:53Jo Shears
--Barry Davis
--Matt Hooper
--Lee Metcalfe
--Tristan Cooper
--Sarah Johnstone
--Gary Weldon
--David Wheeler
--Peter Bainbridge
--Heather Wilson
--Anna Pearson
--Emma Leighton
--Tilly Shaw

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: mike@209events.com