Glow Run Southampton


Pos.Chip time Participant
1011:04:23Emily Harris
1021:04:26Rhiannon Wood
1031:04:29Arabella Watts
1041:04:32Victoria Edmonds
1051:04:36Jillian Durgin
1061:04:40Helen Fry
1071:05:01David Williams
1081:05:04Patricia Poor
1091:05:22Brian Peake
1101:05:45Tony Jennings
1111:05:46Jeanette Parker
1121:05:48Kate Nelson-Lee
1131:05:50Aga Plombon
1141:05:52Jo Risbridger
1151:05:55Vicky Morey
1161:06:30Harriet Stanton
1171:06:33Fiona Gribble
1181:06:39Richard Isaway
1191:07:06Richard Harbud
1201:07:51Verity Eastman
1211:08:03Gabriella Kelemen
1221:08:06Alexandra Couchman
1231:08:12Andy Garlick
1241:08:21Jodie Colvin
1251:08:25Sally Hickman
1261:08:28Beky Libby
1271:08:30Lucie Stranska
1281:08:51Yvonne Coxhill
1291:08:54Mandy Lancaster
1301:09:54Hannah Chivers
1311:09:56Sarah White
1321:10:09Celine Roue
1331:10:35Danielle Warnes
1341:10:37Rachel McCulloch
1351:10:39Zowie Lindfield
1361:10:41Robert Kelf
1371:10:49Lucy O'Beirne
1381:11:22Sarah Vidow
1391:11:30Olivia Garrad
1401:11:36Carl Lobato
1411:11:43Victoria Collinson
1421:11:49Cheryl Larsen
1431:12:49Tracy Nash
1441:12:51Rosy Jones
1451:13:34Matthew Woods
1461:13:42Hilary Lovie
1471:14:04Ana Brankovic
1481:15:36Nicola Sparrow
1491:15:38Vicki Orba
1501:15:48Fran Reed

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: