Glow Run Southampton


Pos.Chip time Participant
138:42James Clarke
241:45Mark Aston
342:19Karen Andrews
442:32Paul Toms
542:51Alex Davey
642:56NIck Lindsay
743:32Jack Williams
843:36Carlos Matias
943:41Marc Ebanks
1044:14Gavin Barrett
1144:35Matt White
1245:32Dean Searley
1345:36Paul Adams
1445:43Leanne Watters
1545:57John Hargreaves
1646:01Eddie Bulpitt
1746:30Peter terHaar
1847:15Alec Ramsey
1947:39Vicki Clarke
2047:50Laura Morris-Vangrove
2147:53Mathew Bean
2248:46Tim Carling
2348:58James Pilgrim
2449:01Nik Lygo
2549:53Simon Bates
2650:13Helen Preedy
2750:22Chris Halton
2850:25Stephanie Mann
2951:02Harry Perry-Lewis
3051:15Lucy Hartland
3151:24Russell Mead
3251:49Wayne Loon
3351:54Stephen Clow
3452:02Michael Steventon
3552:07Nikki Yeo
3652:11Vivien Alexander
3752:24Stephen Davenport
3852:35Cara Swain
3953:30Thomas Higginson
4053:42Malcolm Brackley
4153:47Amber James
4253:51Suzanne Smith
4354:06Laura Metcalf
4454:10Natasha Poole
4554:14Barrie Newman
4654:23Tim Leach
4754:32Dale Scholtz
4854:44Liz Reynolds
4954:49Jane Wheeler
5054:58Karen Rice

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