209 Brooklands Half Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:32:49Kristy Harnett
521:32:52Emma Darby
531:33:01Peter Parry
541:33:18Steven Gilbert
551:34:03Paul Kyte
561:34:08Garry Prior
571:34:14Caroline Blake
581:34:21Jay Miles
591:34:23Graeme Fergusson
601:34:29Tony Smith
611:34:34Matt Taylor
621:34:44Phillip Mellows
631:34:57Alexander Sen
641:35:10Mike Stephens
651:35:19Will Tysterman
661:35:20Zsolt Mihaly
671:35:21Mary Stevenson
681:35:23Alice Littlejohns
691:35:24James Hutcheson
701:35:28Paul Davis
711:35:39Sean Oloughlin
721:35:50Richard Giles
731:35:52Linieta Harper
741:36:07John Raynor
751:36:16Nicola Heron
761:36:19Daniel Thumwood
771:36:27Cassie Escott
781:36:29Grant Hathaway
791:36:35Jill Tierney
791:36:35Christian Onof
811:36:44Christopher Palmer
821:36:47Anthony Norman
831:36:48Raymond Walsh
841:36:51Tom Poulter
851:37:04Tony Crawte
861:37:15Debbie Jones
871:37:23Dom Rivers
881:37:26Andrew Bellwood
891:37:31Peter Greaves
901:37:35Gayle Vickers
911:38:08Elliott Cole
921:38:16Mark Stuart
931:38:19Michelle Cronin
941:38:21David Chambers
951:38:31Jeremy Garner
961:38:33Tony Hursey
971:38:38David Girones
981:38:46Stephen Evans
991:38:59David Jones
1001:39:02Anastasia Hounslow

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@209events.com