Tri Liverpool (British Triathlon Championships) 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
501Steven Slaney2:52:12
502Richard Harrison2:52:14
503Peter Cowan2:52:33
504Lesley Richardson2:52:46
505Keith Beard2:52:50
506John Chambers2:52:59
507Mark Stokes2:53:08
508Sharon Duthie2:53:11
509Mike Mitchell2:53:47
510Caroline Mccann2:53:55
511William Jones2:53:56
512Glyn Smith2:53:57
513Tom Fielding2:54:20
514Eleanor Jolly2:54:25
515Christopher De Rycke2:54:38
516Christopher Dooley2:54:47
517Lee Lewis2:54:51
518Kathy Hardy2:55:00
519Hugh Jolly2:55:20
520Wyn Innes2:55:31
521Michael Brennand2:55:35
522Rob Johnson2:55:39
523Thomas Green2:55:41
524David Prestt2:55:47
525Neil Lewin2:56:03
526Joe Mcintyre2:56:11
527David Harvey2:56:18
528Mike Scothern2:56:21
529Suzanne Hull2:57:03
530Tim Wainwright2:57:12
531Ian Deakin2:57:26
532Alixandra Reynolds2:57:31
533Andrew Cunnell2:57:39
534Geoff Roberts2:57:55
535Patricia Thomas2:57:57
536Sarah Taylor2:58:09
536Mike Wood2:58:09
538Julia Trapp2:58:11
539Piotr Bak2:58:13
540Peter Stanton2:58:18
541Victoria Chew2:58:42
542Ken Hardy2:58:53
543Debbie Jones2:58:59
544Benjamin Kapur2:59:21
545Daniel Jones2:59:28
546Stephen Botham3:00:09
547Geoff Carson3:00:12
548Rose Wilmot3:00:29
549Paul Hewitt3:01:02
550Mac Hughes3:01:21

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail:

01509 226 161