Tri Liverpool (British Triathlon Championships) 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
301Filip Ewertowski2:32:18
302Simon Williams2:32:23
303Sean Brady2:32:29
304Alison Meredith2:32:30
305Paul Catterall2:32:42
306Paula Robinson2:32:46
307Allan Kenny2:32:48
308Niall Magennis2:32:54
309Michael Lisle2:33:00
310Chris Burns2:33:03
311Stephen Barritt2:33:09
312Sam Jones2:33:10
313Fay Jordan2:33:14
314Dominic Shum2:33:16
315Laura Brooks2:33:21
316Peter Chapman2:33:24
317John Honeyball2:33:33
318Julie Harrison2:33:43
319Amy Cooper2:33:47
320Matthew Collins2:34:05
321Robert Davidson2:34:06
322Steven Waterhouse2:34:07
323Jennifer Kendall2:34:35
324Sarah Hulme2:34:39
325Traci Shipley2:34:44
326Nick Lansdale2:34:50
327John Underwood2:34:56
328Lee Roger2:34:57
329Tim Funnell2:35:12
330Jon Sarriegui2:35:13
331Alex Le Bek2:35:14
332Gary Nimmo2:35:15
333Anna Geary2:35:18
334Elizabeth Fernando2:35:22
335Paul Warwick2:35:26
336Jon Nosworthy2:35:27
337Russell Brown2:35:28
338Tim Catterall2:35:33
339Carol Coole2:35:50
340Simon Fidkin2:36:03
341Jane Horler2:36:04
342Tricia Bell2:36:13
343Victoria Jones2:36:14
344Kevin Dudley2:36:17
345Matthew Dewhurst2:36:20
345Andrew Robinson2:36:20
347Gareth Hunt2:36:21
348Jeremie Le Normand2:36:24
349James Haddley2:36:33
350Martin Gaskell2:36:38

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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