JCC 2015 Live Results


Pos.Chip time Participant
14:23:07Tim Beckett
24:30:37Robin Tuddenham
34:31:27Holly Rush
44:34:53Tom Sutton
55:04:36Adam Wilkinson
65:12:40Nigel Edginton
75:12:54Mark Tanner
85:16:52Nicky Taylor
95:21:43Mark Thompson
105:24:36James King
115:25:32John Lambourne
125:26:14Jamie Bullock
135:26:16Nicholas Wilkins
145:29:27Ian Coggin
155:35:23Michael Harvey
165:41:02Paula Hewitt
175:44:53Janine Roberts
185:47:29Jamie Page
195:51:44Mark Cryer
205:53:31James Roberts
215:53:49Mark Sander
225:53:52Luke Batchelor
235:55:43Laura Appleby
245:57:43Dan Hollingsworth
255:57:56John Lewis
266:00:33Dave Knopp
276:00:58David Streeter
286:01:11Jim Eustace
296:01:12Rob Eustace
306:05:41Carole Loader
316:05:43Claire Woods
326:06:33Phil Smith
336:07:53Jack Armstrong
346:08:18Hamish Hall
356:10:46Andrew Gillespie
366:11:31Mark Lambell
376:11:35Rachel Davies
386:11:41Andrew ODonnell
386:11:41Alexander Gordon
406:11:45Jim Wallace
416:15:29Peter Cross
426:17:06Greg Hawkins
436:17:25Luretta Spearing
446:19:32David Brindle
456:23:30Mark Fresch
466:23:48Duncan Baber
476:25:14Penny Andrews
486:25:41Chris Hewlins
486:25:41Michael Bull
506:26:08Justin Marney

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: votwo123@gmail.com