JCC 2015 Live Results


Pos.Chip time Participant
1017:21:26Stuart Porter
1027:22:58Paul Cartwright
1037:23:24Alex Penny
1047:24:54Jayne Mitchell
1057:29:34Laura Penny
1067:29:41Henry Keeling
1077:29:46Charlie Tee
1087:30:39Kerry Horton
1097:33:18Traci Gaunt
1107:33:24Margaret Thomas
1117:34:59Rebecca Brais
1127:36:09Barry Irvine
1137:38:38Katherine Penny
1147:48:28Jonathan Raymond
1157:48:33Gus Park
1167:48:39John Kearns
1177:49:05Anouska Panton
1187:49:06Greg Moore
1197:50:15Peter Knight
1207:50:28Lauren Kibble
1217:50:29Caroline Kemp
1227:50:39Patricia Everitt
1237:52:45James Hawkins
1248:11:18Tim Phillips
1258:22:42Daz Carre
1268:23:45Jamie Kelly
1278:24:09Mike Phoenix
1288:24:32Andrew Mcveigh
1298:24:32Kate Small
1308:25:11Richard Brookes
1318:25:40Fenella Corrick
1328:29:18Sarah Hibbs
1338:35:27Steven Lawrence
1348:35:32Dean Buckley
1358:35:36Iain Cushing
1368:38:32Scott Lewis
1378:40:37David Cranwell
1388:45:04Ian Culton
1398:53:03Laura Donohoe
1408:53:07Paul Donohoe
1418:54:29Peter Elliott
1429:03:24Mylene Elliott
1439:04:25John Fisher
1449:05:41Arlene Carino
1459:07:46Graham Sutton
1469:11:51Michael Runnals
1479:18:10Matt Hawley
1489:25:44James Tothill
1499:25:48Dawn Green
1509:26:46Julie Jones

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: votwo123@gmail.com