Adnams Southwold 10k 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
6011:06:37Chris Rose
6021:06:46Colin Mullen
6031:06:53Cassie Arbon
6041:06:54Brian Jolley
6051:06:56Carla Wiggins
6061:06:58Tina Church
6071:07:01Sarah Groves
6081:07:01Sally Solomon
6091:07:04Charlotte Pither
6101:07:05Stav Allen
6111:07:05Sue Brentnall
6121:07:12Nadia Gibbs
6131:07:14Kim Local
6141:07:20John Manders
6151:07:22Lisa Auvache
6161:07:24Graham Gunby
6171:07:27Kerrie Bagnall
6181:07:39Mike Williams
6191:07:45Kirsty Critchley
6201:07:46Lisa Ashton
6211:07:49Deborah Bougard
6221:07:51Tracy Yates
6231:07:56Kevin Ward
6241:07:56Fiona Hotston Moore
6251:08:00Paul Bird
6261:08:02Jo Knox
6271:08:04Charlotte Parker
6281:08:19Leticia Yulita
6291:08:42Rachel Cushing
6301:08:52Clair Fiddaman
6311:09:06Amanda Smith
6321:09:07Will Schwer
6331:09:14Michaela Scarle
6341:09:15Victoria Thurston
6351:09:38Margot Cooper
6361:09:39Richard Cooper
6371:09:55Vimmi Hayes
6381:09:59Sam Nudd
6391:10:04Julie Pilch
6401:10:10Gina Byford
6411:10:10Simon Byfird
6421:11:02Nadia Mckay
6431:11:30Alexander Garnham
6441:11:32Emily Coles
6451:11:32Sophie Waters
6461:11:55Priya Patel
6471:12:43Billie Sawer
6481:12:53Lisa Strange
6491:13:00Kelly Bennett
6501:13:01Sara Davis

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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