Run Richmond Park 5k & 10k May-30 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
10156:49Matthew Clark
10256:50Sue Harwood
10356:52Matthew Cowles
10456:54George Fisher
10556:56Victoria Bacon
10656:57Naomi Coales
10757:00Patrick Dacey
10857:07Charlotte Watts
10957:10Clive Keene
11057:12Susannah Benson
11157:15Emmy Kerwin
11257:17Nick Dunn
11257:17Matthew Williams
11457:23Sarah Fisher White
11457:23Khaled Dawas
11657:30Ben Cowles
11657:30Theika Botterill
11857:31Mo Willis
11957:33Mandy Leach
12057:35Andrew Mohammed
12157:36Sebastian Woelke
12257:37Simon Jones
12357:38Rhonda Siddall
12457:42Oleg Rak
12557:47Gavin Copus
12657:49Chloe Hill
12757:55Naomi Boase
12757:55Andrew Norkiewicz
12957:59Clare Dufton
13058:04Helena O'leary
13158:05Stephen O'leary
13258:06Christian Laidlaw
13258:06Mohammed Aryan
13458:10Lauren O'sullivan
13558:14Sabrina Bulloch
13658:16Jean-Paul Baar
13758:17Rebecca Caution
13758:17Miles Reichberger
13958:19Eugenia Jackman
14058:22Daniel Middleton
14058:22Kerri O'sullivan
14058:22Candice Webber
14358:23Julie Harvey
14458:34Dora Pacholska
14558:35Andrew Slade
14558:35Pappy Stedman
14758:36Odd Kare Grottland
14858:38Ron Barber
14858:38Martin Rea
15058:39Leon Beckett

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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