TRI Team Challenge 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Team Ful-on Tri 52:22:40
2Team 3 MAMILs2:27:32
3Team Ful-on Tri 42:31:27
4Team Ofcom 22:32:42
5Team Ful-on Tri 92:33:33
6Team Cpt 12:33:38
7Team Wild Boys2:36:33
8Team Ful-on Tri 22:36:46
9Team Ciro's and a Kebab!2:41:08
10Team Ful-on Tri 62:41:56
11Team Ful-on Tri 72:42:44
12Team Ful-on Tri 142:43:59
13Team Ful-on Tri 112:47:30
14Team Ful-on Tri 132:47:30
15Team Can't Swim Can't Cycle Can't Run2:49:21
16Team Trent Park 92:50:01
17Team Relentless Ruby2:50:25
18Team The Sham-bles2:50:29
19Team Ful-on Tri 122:52:26
20Team Ofcom 32:53:58
21Team All The Gear No Idea2:54:23
22Team TriCamp 12:56:22
23Team Spandex2:57:38
24Team Tricamp 22:58:07
25Team Chase the Kangaroo2:58:14
26Team TV Teens2:58:46
27Team Ful-on Tri 13:00:26
28Team Tricamp 33:00:33
29Team Foleys + 13:03:22
30Team Trent Park 53:03:42
31Team Barramundi Masters3:04:06
32Team Physio Tri3:04:36
33Team Trent Park 33:06:51
34Team ShanaDawn3:08:12
35Team Trent Park 43:10:13
36Team Trent Park 113:10:43
37Team Must Tri Harder3:10:47
38Team Trent Park 63:11:32
39Team Trent Park 83:11:55
40Team Trent Park 23:13:13
41Team Evolution Fitness UK 23:16:42
42Team Evolution Fitness UK 13:16:43
43Team Ofcom 13:17:53
44Team Trent Park 13:18:28
45Team Trent Park 73:26:13
46Team Tv Tea3:26:34
47Team Evolution Fitness UK 33:32:00
48Team Cheesy Made Us Do It3:32:27
49Team Last Minute3:42:53
50Team Triathlon Newbies3:43:13

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