Keswick Mountain Festival 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
11:01:10Mark Quinn
21:01:25Mark Head
31:01:38Anthony Simpson
41:02:24Tom Howe
51:03:10Chris Gray
61:04:10John Waite
71:04:24Jonny Hume
81:04:43Kevin Postins
91:06:59Christopher Frost
101:07:43Jamie Crossan
111:07:52David Stroud
121:07:56Ben Dixon
131:08:32Simon Clarke
141:08:51Nick Faubel
151:09:20Graham Sumbler
161:09:23Philip Gibsone
171:09:51Paul Bateman
181:09:52Andy Nichol
191:10:06Andrew Clish
201:10:59Derek Ditty
211:11:00Steve Allison
221:11:12Peter Curry
231:11:14James Ashton
241:11:14Steven Pollock
251:11:15James Hobson
261:11:17Ruth Hetherington
271:11:22Gary Keegan
281:11:40Greg Hynes
291:11:49Paul Scott
301:11:53Alan Stewart
311:12:02Cameron Quinn
321:12:08Andy Bailey
331:12:13Debbie Edginton
341:13:30Andrew Young
351:13:32Michael Richardson
361:13:38Neil Jefferson
371:13:56Liam Campbell
381:14:22Lesley Gray
391:14:25David Stevens
401:14:33Daniel Jephcott
411:14:42Lee Martin
421:14:45Craig Harrington
431:14:52Bryan Lowrie
441:15:31Samantha Hill
451:15:36James Moore
461:15:39Alan Jennison
471:15:47Andrew Glover
481:15:58Nick Horn
491:16:08Julie Simpson
501:16:09Elaine Stroud

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.
For result queries please e-mail:

033 0055 5734