Turriff Triathlon 2016


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Joel Robertson1:10:10
2Chris Watson1:11:20
3Davie Williamson1:12:05
4Jamie Collins1:13:07
5David Horne1:13:22
6James Haughs1:18:11
7Micheal Bland1:18:11
8Kevin Morice1:18:31
9Alan Taylor1:18:37
10Jake Jason Vellacott1:19:37
11Spencer Holmes1:20:14
12Derek Stuart1:20:15
13David Ferris1:21:41
14Gavin Harris1:22:28
15Paul Newlands1:24:19
16Stephen Mundie1:24:26
17Rebecca Wain1:24:37
18Iain Ramsay1:25:31
19Bradley Black1:25:38
20David Sutherland1:26:00
21Conor Mccollum1:26:21
22Thomas Redares1:26:40
23Dylan Clarke1:26:54
24Jennifer Crilly1:27:05
25Benjamin Wood1:27:54
26Arash Sahraie1:28:27
27Colin Matthew1:29:54
28Jonathan Enright1:30:01
29Douglas Kelly1:31:16
30Nicolle Beattie1:31:47
31David Abernethy1:32:07
32Alan Newman1:32:18
33Marie Duthie1:32:25
34Simon Beswick1:32:28
35Sean Murphy1:33:05
36Kevin Graham1:33:25
37Craig Law1:34:09
38Ny Leonard1:34:25
39Kyle Henderson1:35:26
40Leanne Jewison1:36:35
41Alan Lowe1:36:43
42Claire Murphy1:36:55
43Rachel Pidutti Williams1:37:32
44Lauren Grant1:38:51
45Alex Craw1:39:39
46Andy Riddoch1:39:40
47Jonathan Wittrick1:41:01
48Victor Guatelli1:41:03
49Ros Wright1:41:55
50Eilidh Clarkson1:42:40

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