Huntly Standard 2016


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Ian Orme2:01:41
2Duncan Chedburn2:05:50
3Jamie Collins2:09:12
4Ronan Anderson2:10:44
5Brad Carroll2:12:04
6Martin Goodlad2:12:21
7Pete Matthews2:12:46
8Mark Maciver2:13:35
9Brian Smith2:16:11
10Dave Cummins2:16:53
11Andrew Bostock2:19:27
12David Ferris2:20:01
13Jake Jason Vellacott2:23:09
14Spencer Holmes2:23:38
15Leon Shearer2:23:54
16Lynne Parkinson2:24:52
17Colin Calder2:25:19
18Will Barbero2:27:01
19Gavin Harris2:27:21
20Katie Bain2:28:01
21Joseph Macdonald2:28:11
22Jack Isherwood2:29:14
23Ingrid Machell2:29:34
24Andy Redman2:29:49
25Justin Thomas2:30:14
26Keith Varney2:30:55
27Rod Cowe2:31:10
28Jamie Mackinnon2:31:12
29Iain Cruickshank2:31:39
30Stephen Inckle-Sharpe2:31:53
31Colin Inglis2:31:56
32Kevin Morice2:32:52
33Nicola Moir2:34:50
34Douglas Kelly2:36:30
35Iona Campbell2:36:43
36Anne Taylor2:37:12
37Marie Duthie2:37:57
38Rod Sampson2:38:41
39Tony Alexander2:39:12
40Jonathan Enright2:39:37
41Simon Beswick2:41:11
42Claire Murphy2:41:51
43Richard Wiseman2:42:13
44Duncan Abernethy2:42:48
45Sarah Young2:44:55
46Fiona Calder2:45:36
47Stuart Leitch2:46:53
48Megan Mackay2:49:30
49Sean Murphy2:49:37
50David Abernethy2:49:40

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