Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company/Sponsor
16:04Anya MorrisonEast Sutherland Athletics Club
26:15Valencia WrightVictoria Park City Of Glasgow
36:20Isabella ThomsonBanchory Stonehaven
46:21Megan Taylor
56:28Cara DavieBsac
66:29Hannah Smith
76:33Hayley BrownFife AC
86:34Adele GillespieAberdeen AAC
96:41Kirsty Muir
106:45Hannah Bloomfield
116:46Gemma Collins
126:50Isla Longbanchory and stonehaven
136:52Charlotte Hay
146:54Ella CreamerDunnottar Primary
156:54Isla WhittonArbroath & District Athletics C.
166:55Morgan Strachan
176:55Isla Thoms
186:57Morven Dempsey
196:59Sarah Morrison
207:01Rebecca BarnettVP GLASGOW
217:08Katie EntwistleTorphins Primary
227:08Lizzie ScrippsBallater School Mudblasters
237:09Esmee Thoms
247:11Jenna Macleod
257:11Anna RossBanchory-Stonehaven athletics c.
267:12Abbie CrawfordBanchory Stonehaven Athletics C.
277:12Elena Hood
287:13Freya StevensonDunnottar School
297:17Poppy Strachan
307:19Sophia Grahamarbroath district
317:19Eilidh Hunter
327:20Zara Gauldcrathes primary School
337:24Anna BirchBanchory Stonehaven Athletics C.
347:24Millie Thomson
357:28Kate Duncan
367:29Charlotte Mackenzie
377:29Edie WhyteKelly Whyte
387:30Sophie Johansen
397:32Aimee Lucia PlenderBanchory Primary
407:35Clara Bamford
417:35Romy McintoshArbroath District Athletics Clu.
427:36Sula Munro
437:38Zoe Strachan
447:39Anna Ellson
457:39Amber Small
467:40Nuala Williams
477:42Maiya Hill
487:44Emily MercerBanchory Stonehaven Athletics C.
497:45Holly Broughton
507:45Sarah Hill

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.