Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company/Sponsor
16:04Anya MorrisonEast Sutherland Athletics Club
26:15Valencia WrightVictoria Park City Of Glasgow
36:20Isabella ThomsonBanchory Stonehaven
46:21Megan Taylor
56:28Cara DavieBsac
66:29Hannah Smith
76:33Hayley BrownFife AC
86:34Adele GillespieAberdeen AAC
96:41Kirsty Muir
106:45Hannah Bloomfield
116:46Gemma Collins
126:50Isla Longbanchory and stonehaven
136:52Charlotte Hay
146:54Ella CreamerDunnottar Primary
156:54Isla WhittonArbroath & District Athletics C.
166:55Morgan Strachan
176:55Isla Thoms
186:57Morven Dempsey
196:59Sarah Morrison
207:01Rebecca BarnettVP GLASGOW
217:08Katie EntwistleTorphins Primary
227:08Lizzie ScrippsBallater School Mudblasters
237:09Esmee Thoms
247:11Jenna Macleod
257:11Anna RossBanchory-Stonehaven athletics c.
267:12Abbie CrawfordBanchory Stonehaven Athletics C.
277:12Elena Hood
287:13Freya StevensonDunnottar School
297:17Poppy Strachan
307:19Sophia Grahamarbroath district
317:19Eilidh Hunter
327:20Zara Gauldcrathes primary School
337:24Anna BirchBanchory Stonehaven Athletics C.
347:24Millie Thomson
357:28Kate Duncan
367:29Charlotte Mackenzie
377:29Edie WhyteKelly Whyte
387:30Sophie Johansen
397:32Aimee Lucia PlenderBanchory Primary
407:35Clara Bamford
417:35Romy McintoshArbroath District Athletics Clu.
427:36Sula Munro
437:38Zoe Strachan
447:39Anna Ellson
457:39Amber Small
467:40Nuala Williams
477:42Maiya Hill
487:44Emily MercerBanchory Stonehaven Athletics C.
497:45Holly Broughton
507:45Sarah Hill

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.