Hell in the Chilts 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:46:22Craig Cooper
521:47:35Curtis Osano
531:48:01Philip Akerman
541:48:05Nathan Singleton
551:48:44Peter Kouwenberg
561:49:07David Maycock
571:49:07Justin Walther
581:49:08Richard Macdonald
591:49:11Richard Stevenson
601:49:20Gordon Capperauld
611:50:12Matthew Channon
621:51:05Adrian Eeles
631:51:20Anthony Howe
641:51:41Paul King
651:51:42Nick Bernstein
661:52:26David Beers
671:52:31Naomi Smith
681:52:31James Duncan
691:52:32Victoria Hollington
701:53:38Robert Train
711:53:40Paul Gregory
721:53:44Constance Holliday
731:53:51Nic Brancaccio
741:54:20Alison Crabb
751:56:03Kate Dimbleby
761:56:37Andrew King
771:58:34Charlotte Woodhouse
781:58:52Leslie Hewlett
791:59:16Ella Stevenson
802:00:35Ben Fletcher
812:00:35Mark Bennett
822:00:46David Midgley
832:01:19James Bartlett
842:02:20Lewis Prentice
852:02:37Stephen Atwell
862:02:53Sophie Casey
872:02:57Tim Harvey
882:03:03Mark Pearson-Hall
892:03:07David Grant
902:03:20Joseph Willis
912:03:21Jessica Cram
922:03:45Liam Martin
932:03:46Martin Sleeman
942:03:50Andy Allen
952:04:09Michela Vincent
962:04:30Wayne Feery
972:04:31Abigail Yardley
982:05:13Damian Flower
992:05:13David Brand
1002:05:14Martin Stratford

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