Hell in the Chilts 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
1012:05:14Peter Cornwell
1022:05:15Richard Clark
1032:05:35Amanda Hannah
1042:05:50Geoff Shefford
1052:07:58Tom Clarke
1062:08:08Portia Mckay Forbes
1072:08:18Robert Wallace
1082:08:21Katie Coyle
1092:08:29Paul Readman
1102:08:29Craig Wood
1112:08:30Barney Lee
1122:08:35Ally Morris
1132:08:40Jonathan Stanbrook
1142:08:53Nick Austin
1152:09:11Nige Hughes
1162:09:38Princess Liyen
1172:09:44Sarah Wanden
1182:09:46Jenny Tonkins
1192:09:55Gordon Avery
1202:09:57Matthew Livingston
1212:09:58Stuart Powney
1222:09:59Matthew Poole
1232:10:00Tamsin Bright
1242:10:00Charlotte Carrivick
1252:10:00Alan Lee
1262:11:04Ian Tucknott
1272:12:48Caryl Gibson
1282:12:48Joseph Atherton
1292:12:56Ester Sandiford
1302:14:03Sarah Rammal
1312:14:04Ian Smith
1322:14:19Simon Bond
1332:14:34Brad Hallam
1342:15:05Sarah Scotchmer
1352:15:06Louisa Suff
1362:15:06Anna Gencurova
1372:16:29Mark Shambrook
1382:16:29Paul Shambrook
1392:16:30Diane Shambrook
1402:16:58Ian Robertson
1412:16:58Dave Turner
1422:17:36Dean Gale
1432:17:36Ben Mitchell
1442:20:53Yvonne Morton
1452:21:34Stuart Offord
1462:23:23George Gale
1472:24:54Amanda Stanley
1482:24:57Elizabeth Selwood
1492:25:01Becky Camilleri
1502:25:01Barrie Ramsey

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