Northumberland Coastal Run 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:31:23Mark Turnbull
521:31:26Chris Lines
531:31:40Graham Lewis-dale
541:31:56Andrew Hopkins
551:32:01Steve Patterson
561:32:06Paul Waterston
571:32:32Adam Fletcher
581:32:33Tim Johnstone
591:32:38Tim Harvey
601:32:41Judith Nutt
611:32:42Ian Rowland
621:32:55Alex Toll
631:33:06Jacqueline Penn
641:33:24Andrew Cairns
651:33:26Magnus Mcgillivray
661:33:28Gary Dicker
671:33:40Heather Tuffs
681:33:54Jaysson Sawyer
691:33:58David Quinn
701:33:59Keith Robertshaw
711:34:02Paul Harrison
721:34:21Darren Rodmell
731:34:22Stephen Barker
741:34:25Georgia Campbell
751:34:41Mark Prendergast
761:34:58Tom Crossley
771:35:06Ben Hall
781:35:17Nick Pearson
791:35:22Jack Lee
801:35:23Ian Brown
811:35:29Mike Winter
821:35:30Antony Beynon
831:35:35Paul Banks
841:35:48Dominic Harris
851:35:53Richard Taylor
861:35:59Paul O'neil
871:35:59John Mcgargill
881:36:12Paul Gaile
891:36:16Graham Marshall
901:36:20Peter Hearn
911:36:25Alex Burnett
921:36:35Dean Carr
931:36:44Adrian Wells
941:36:54Paul Harris
951:37:01Gary Atkinson
961:37:04Matthew Kingston
971:37:10Adam Hartley
981:37:18Jon Ayres
991:37:28Philip Hogg
1001:37:30Geoff Hewitson

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