Hell Up North 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
11:46:30Brent Nile
21:48:50Juraj Gavura
31:49:38Mike Metcalfe
41:51:18Chris Collins
51:54:15Lee Mahon
61:54:50Bastian Weinberger
71:55:05Chris Pattinson
81:56:03Craig Flynn
91:57:04Derek Clarke
101:57:52Mark Kemp
111:58:00James Moreton
121:58:01Jamie Fisher
131:58:08Nigel Bostock
141:58:13Greame Screawn
151:59:48Guy Robertson
161:59:51Mike Entwistle
172:00:06Daniel Ryder
182:00:11Adam Turner
192:00:13Tom Eagle
202:00:38David Kurdel
212:02:09Jon Cain
222:02:10Martin Fillingham
232:02:10Karl Dickenson
242:02:14Jon Strange
252:02:15Andrew Henderson
262:02:15Keith Scovell
272:02:15Toby Hart
282:02:17Simon Pryde
292:02:27John Verry
302:02:37Matthew Whittaker
312:04:06Liam Holmes
322:05:10Lee Hemmings
332:05:23Adam Carney
342:05:53Stephen Stocker
352:06:27Adam Ainsworth
362:06:55Matthew Cullen
372:07:01Liam Walker
382:08:36Trevor Holmes
392:08:39Adam Davies
402:09:13Jordan Percival
412:09:15James Cooper
422:09:22Ben Gnatiuk
432:09:23Neil Turner
442:09:26Jesse Oldfield
452:09:42Mick Caren
462:09:45Richard Ashworth
472:10:07Mark Roche
482:10:12Mike Donnan
492:10:12Christopher Foster
502:10:15Graham Halsall

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.