Hell Up North 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company/Sponsor
512:10:19Mark GouldThe Cunning Stunts
522:10:33Chris Fitzpatrick
532:11:01Nathan Smith
542:11:08Suzanne Eccleston
552:12:01Jon O'BrienSmaller Earth
562:12:03Tim Ecclestone
572:12:22Phil Ireland
582:12:37Jim Higgins
592:13:16Bruce Penhale
602:14:02Owen Arman
612:14:16Alex Staniforth
622:14:38Darran Todd
632:14:59Kevin PolhillWeasels
642:15:02Pete LeakThe Hybrids
652:15:06Paul Corless
662:15:06Nigel Taylor
672:15:13Rachel Munday
682:15:19Chris GrahamOnly Just
692:15:35Stu Willis
702:15:35Neil Davey
712:15:37Mark Phethean
722:15:40Anthony Spruce
732:15:43Tom Lumby
742:15:48Geoff Tookey
752:16:40Gary Boydell
762:16:48Michael DelaneyTko
772:16:55James Upton
782:18:03Gary Stone
792:18:03Ian Molyneaux
802:18:13Jonny Moorhouse
812:18:17Paul Richardson
822:18:35Frank CollinsBoxing Fit Academy
832:18:46Matt Roberts
842:18:50Hugh CampbellThe Bullhounders
852:19:00David Ford
862:19:00Jason DavidsonThe Hybrids
872:19:10Melissa Mcguire
882:19:19Stephen DoneTeam Lgf
892:20:10Jon Dickinson
902:21:11Mike Bullock
912:21:11Brendan WalshWhmt
922:21:23Jamie Hoare
932:21:24Gareth HolmesSlap And Tickle
942:21:28Tom Wilks
952:21:38Sean RichardsTalkers And Do'Ers
962:21:48Lee Hubert
972:21:48Chris Horridge
982:22:00Craig RimmerWarrington Running Club
992:22:04Craig Garvey
1002:22:09Kate Nicholas

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