Hell Up North 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company/Sponsor
1012:22:20Ian HendersonWhat Are We Doing This For?
1022:22:22Jack BarstowPlattsvillle 4 Ever
1032:22:24Jonathan PostleBoot Camp Bolton
1042:23:05Carl Pedder
1052:23:13Jonathan Birkett
1062:23:16Guy Mathieson
1072:23:17James Worrall
1082:23:29Samuel Kilby
1092:23:34John LattyTalkers And Do'Ers
1102:24:14James ThomsonWhat Are We Doing This For?
1112:24:14David MccullochWhat Are We Doing This For?
1122:24:29Malcolm Fleming
1132:24:38Stevie Smith
1142:24:42James Banks
1152:24:55Neil Wilkinson
1162:25:04Michael Breakspeare
1172:25:13Nick Power
1182:25:17Paul Morris
1192:25:28Paul ScullyWarrington Running Club
1202:25:29Stuart GarsideWarrington Running Club
1212:25:30John KeeganUruk - Hai
1222:25:35Andrew Cornner
1232:25:37Scott Halman
1242:26:09Richard Bell
1252:26:11Scott Patterson
1262:26:22John HarrisonBoxing Fit Academy
1272:26:23Adam Evans
1282:26:24Rory BeattieThe Suits
1292:26:27Richard BorneFuddymuckers
1302:26:27Steven Daly
1312:26:32Steve Begley
1322:26:32Kevin Sweeney
1332:26:33Louise HobsonCommando Fit
1342:26:47Thomas Matthews
1352:26:47Josh Lynch
1362:26:48Chris Miller
1372:27:25Nick DolanThe Hybrids
1382:27:28Gary O'ReillyEmily'S Muddy Army
1392:27:36Fergus Tiute
1402:27:39Andrew O'BrienSmaller Earth
1412:27:42Anthony RichardsonTko
1422:27:48Matthew Nield
1432:27:49Rob Dalton
1442:27:52Gary Mort
1452:28:09Kevin Harris
1462:28:09Carl Bradshaw
1472:28:28Adrian Reed
1482:28:30Brandon Robson
1492:28:37Simon Grey
1502:28:39Stephen Seward

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