Ridgeway Run 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:07:42Matthew Hilton
521:07:46Roland Kemp
531:07:47Brian James
541:07:51Jim Buttleman
551:07:58Mark Beesley
561:08:07Claire Pusey
571:08:08Stuart Power
581:08:23Mark Hadaway
591:08:35Pete Newham
601:08:39Nick Clay
611:08:41Roger Gooding
621:08:47Darren Darkins
631:08:48Tom Bridge
641:08:48Mark Sweeney
651:09:11Stephen Fitzsimmons
661:09:13Thomas Powell
671:09:13Oliver Last
681:09:34Nigel Sullivan
691:09:38Stuart Fogarty
701:09:38Edward Wilcock
711:09:39Claire Shelley
721:09:52Wendy Walsh
731:10:01Ben Bates
741:10:03Russell Jones
751:10:09Craig Goodman
761:10:20Danny Kelly
771:10:29Colin Braybrook
781:10:35Jake Stanley
791:10:39Robert Curtis
801:10:47Fraser Chapman
811:10:57Tim O'callaghan
821:11:03Ian Mawdesley
831:11:17Ian Bailes
841:11:24Marco Maserati
851:11:26Toby Gribbin
861:11:29Andrew Maskell
871:11:34Doug Smith
881:11:35Dominic Veal
891:11:44James O'connell
901:11:48Richard Barcock
911:11:56Mark Kennedy
921:11:57Robert Talbot
931:11:59Sean Kerrin
941:12:09Kate Loach
951:12:14Holly Grundon
961:12:21John Houston
971:12:23David Killick
981:12:25Michael Mawdesley
991:12:30Steve Macdonald
1001:12:31Marianne Williamson

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