Ridgeway Run 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
155:51Stephen Buckle
257:10Mark Crabtree
358:16Thomas Grimes
458:22Rob Michaelson-Yeates
559:49Michele Besio
61:00:08Robert Dean
71:00:33Richard Coles
81:00:55Tom Kimber
91:00:57Simon Fraser
101:01:27Anthony James
111:01:32David Maisey
121:01:36Matt Shields
131:01:37Henry Keighley-Elstub
141:01:40Jim King
151:01:53Dermot Martin
161:01:58Ed Laver
171:02:05Esa Valtanen
181:02:52Tommy Bryant
191:02:55Jonathan Litchfield
201:02:55Richard Watkinson
211:02:56Nick Haward
221:02:56Steve Harrison
231:03:27Dave Roberts
241:03:27Stephen Rolfe
251:03:54Gareth Lee
261:04:12Owen Byrne
271:04:17Claire Hallissey
281:04:39Guy Woollett
291:04:58Nadi Jahangiri
301:05:06Paul Fitzpatrick
311:05:19Matthew Farmer
321:05:22Daniel Green
331:05:33Mike Lancaster
341:05:35Daniel Clarke
351:05:38Fay Cripps
361:05:55Daniel Langton
371:05:57Ania Gabb
381:06:10Jonathan Taylor
391:06:14Richard Mason
401:06:21Colin Merritt
411:06:37Claire Kremer
421:06:45Ian Storer
431:06:57Paul Heaney
441:07:05Mark Smith
451:07:10Douglas Hobson
461:07:21Chris Rose
471:07:29Liam Dawson
481:07:29Anthony Low
491:07:31Jerome Mcallister
501:07:32Peter Franklin

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