Manchester to London Challenge 2016


Chip timeParticipant
16:33:59Gary Sedgwick
15:29:13Lewis Seville
15:29:10Nicholas Seville
17:01:07Mark Shaffer
17:11:03Michelle Sharland
16:29:30Michael Siviter
16:25:47David Smith
16:25:06Luke Smith
14:03:01Melanie Smith
16:19:28Tom Smith
15:00:50Edward Stringer
16:19:23Steffen Stritzel
16:24:41Simon Sumner
16:25:48Pete Swift
15:00:13Chris Talks
17:01:11Campbell Thompson
15:39:44Andrew Thornley
17:20:31Phil Thornton
14:26:27Jonathan Tobin
16:19:31Adam Trunoske
15:43:44Ian Tucker
17:56:42Angelica Underwood
15:08:14Bert Van Lent
16:08:22Philippe Vandenbroeck
15:22:58Dan Walker
16:53:00Matthew Walsh
15:00:50Brendan Warn
17:26:34Andrew Westhead
17:26:33Stuart Whitehead
16:02:55Richard Wilkinson
14:51:07Kev Willers
14:04:14Matthew Williams
12:13:21Gareth Winter
16:02:57Tom Withers
16:02:58Chris Young
14:14:06Robert Young

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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