Pos.Finish time Participant Club
1013:24:28Peter Harding
1023:24:40Agris Brivmanis
1033:24:51Mika Mihell
1043:24:54Nigel SmithPoplar Running Club
1053:24:56Pedro Pablo JuanesBeeston AC
1063:25:06James PearsonEast Hull Harriers & AC
1073:25:28Ashleigh BarronSteel City Striders
1083:25:30Tom Harris
1093:25:47Matthew Bullock
1103:26:20Jon Carson100 Marathon Club
1113:26:28Ashley Williams
1123:26:45Craig Wilson
1133:26:53Richard RexCity of Hull AC
1143:27:02Ian KirkIvanhoe Runners
1153:27:12Ian Kittle
1163:28:02Phillip Carr
1173:28:08Laurence Wicks
1183:28:16Huw Williams
1193:28:16Andrew EnticknapHunts Ac
1203:28:33Darry Bushbye
1213:28:38Simon Jordan
1223:28:38Chris Kirwan
1233:28:40Alexander D'elia
1243:29:15Peter Warnes
1253:29:39Damiano RossettiColworth Striders
1263:29:40Chris Cooper
1273:29:44Tom Quaye
1283:29:52Mark LouthThorney Rc
1293:29:57Emer DudleyRoberttown Road Runners
1303:29:57Tomasz Oramus
1313:30:03Pete Dutton
1323:30:17Barry Matthews
1333:30:32Paul Marathon Man Green
1343:30:59Ian Wootton
1353:30:59Patrick AldersonWest End Runners
1363:31:04Oliver Smith
1373:31:04Jamie Smith
1383:31:15Martin Schmidbaur
1393:31:24Will Hitchmough
1403:31:24Darren Lennox
1413:31:30Alice WilliamsDulwich Runners Ac
1423:31:37Andrew Joy
1433:31:45Gav MeadowsGrantham Running Club
1443:31:47David Holmes
1453:32:11Peter HughesLeicester Triathlon Club
1463:32:20Kathryn EvansRoadhoggs Leicester AC
1473:32:40Alex Jayne
1483:32:50Kari Kopra
1493:32:59Ian Hutchesson
1503:33:25Malcolm WhitelamScunthorpe And District

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