Cattle Creep 10K 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
5153:29Jason Billingham
5253:35Steve Russell
5353:38Kassia Gardner
5453:48Hannah Connelly
5554:07Richard Patmore
5654:25Roy Taylor
5754:28Marcus Mitchinson
5854:50David Cullum
5954:59Andy Soper
6055:01Lilli Stickley
6155:08Sarah Vizor
6255:20Victoria Kirschner-Heavens
6355:34Sam Bates
6455:37Graham Dunkley
6555:52Jason Herbert
6656:05Ella Godwin
6756:13Anthony Priest
6856:14David Attwood
6956:19Pete Crawley
7056:29Jane Keig
7156:35Tim Pepper
7256:37Mike Webber
7356:55Neil Solanki
7457:09Tim Mackley
7557:25Caroline Mackenzie
7657:30Laura Hird
7757:31Steve Boothby
7857:43Richard Jackson
7957:57Spencer Ollington
8057:59Tracey Edwards
8158:17Tiffany Spicer
8258:28Jen Bates
8358:30Lisa Mitchinson
8458:45David Pip Kelly
8558:53Heidi Bourton
8659:03Donna Mckeeman
8759:03Ronnie Mckeeman
8859:14Janet Maidment
8959:24Bruce Mehew
9059:25Neil Stephenson
9159:25Gail Ashley
9259:28Teresa Bowker
9359:29Lucy Richards
9459:55Colin Berry
9559:57Sandra Brown
961:00:00Martin Eades
971:00:04Andy Colley
981:00:18Paul Goodwin
991:00:21Rachel Garner
1001:00:21Helen Brett

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