Pos.Participant Finish time
101Iain Martin2:16:57
102Oliver Bridge2:17:13
103Seamus Sheard2:17:15
104Rebecca Schofield2:17:18
105Lucy Charles2:17:36
106Russell Bickle2:17:55
107Will Harding2:18:11
108Gordon Hobbs2:18:13
109David Maund2:18:15
110Simon Thomas2:18:24
111Nigel Gates2:18:25
112Michael Ing2:18:33
113Michael Thomson2:18:35
114Chris Dollimore2:18:44
115Stuart Cousins2:18:46
116Sean Beard2:18:51
117Scott Williams2:19:06
118James Williamson2:19:07
119Robert Pettingell2:19:15
120Peter Lee2:19:44
121Andrea Taborelli2:19:46
122Joanna Wright2:19:51
123Joanne Gorrod2:19:59
124Andrew Hellowell2:20:00
125David Hegarty2:20:13
126Rob Kennard2:20:16
127Wendy Nicholls2:20:24
128Alexander Lake2:20:33
129Tracy Markham2:20:39
130Paul Wishart2:21:23
131Ashley Pearson2:21:24
132Mike Pounds2:21:29
133Thomas Franklyn2:21:45
134Andrew Morrison2:21:47
135Steven Kenny2:21:52
136Stephen Goulding2:22:00
137Zak Newman2:22:01
138Jamie Freeland2:22:06
139Ian Mitchell2:22:18
140Craig Neal2:22:19
141James Richens2:22:38
142Wayne Clements2:22:43
143Kevin Sexton2:22:53
144Sean Stewart2:22:58
145Stephen Redman2:23:06
145Rebecca Slaymaker2:23:06
147Richard Traynor2:23:21
148Donna Mchugh2:23:35
149John Coverdale2:23:51
150Paul Clark2:23:58

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.