Pos.Participant Finish time
1Clive Kennedy Burn2:00:19
2Samuel Pictor2:00:51
3Gethin Butler2:00:58
4James Phillips2:01:00
5Adam Brittain2:02:03
6Daniel Blake2:02:34
7Chris Nicoll2:02:49
8Iain Robertson2:03:41
9Brian Mclellan2:04:10
10Lyndon Harris2:04:26
11Rodger Wilkins2:04:44
12Ian Roberts2:04:48
13Reece Barclay2:05:03
14Richard Wilder2:05:04
15Phillip Maddocks2:05:07
16Stewart Gregory2:05:12
17Robert Harrison2:06:26
18Peter Gibson2:06:30
19Harry Walker2:07:09
20Andrew Stenson2:07:15
21Mark Furth2:07:44
22Gavin Spiers2:07:56
22Chris Booth2:07:56
24Mark Lloyd2:07:59
25Mark Harris2:08:15
26Sean Williams2:08:23
27Matthew Connelly Smith2:08:25
28Gareth Dixon2:08:38
29Richard Lomas2:08:42
30Angus Smith2:09:27
31Matt Kerry2:09:30
32Simon Shaw2:09:37
33Matthew Blagg2:09:44
34Barney Palmer2:09:50
35Nic Harker2:10:02
36Tom Pilcher2:10:17
37Dominic Masters2:10:23
38Garry Walker2:10:28
39Colin Paton2:10:29
40Christopher Clarke2:10:42
41Andrew Cross2:10:43
42Ian Barrett2:10:44
43Peter Stainer2:10:56
44Adrian Bonner2:11:03
45Paul Rogers2:11:06
46David Bagge2:11:08
47Alastair Moffatt2:11:26
48Jasmeer Patti2:11:31
49Mark Sanford2:11:51
50Rob Smyth2:11:54

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.