Ythan Challenge 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
1011:11:49Leanne Davidson
1021:11:59Scott Mearns
1031:11:59Graham Wilson
1041:12:03Carol Massie
1051:12:16Scott Stratford
1061:12:17Bruce Alexander
1071:12:37Fraser Bell
1081:12:42James Buchan
1091:12:46Russell Craig
1101:12:46Scott Gray
1111:12:46Graham Parley
1121:12:49Gavin Taylor
1131:12:53Christopher Wilson
1141:13:05David Hastie
1151:13:07Davide Cranna
1161:13:07Mark Ironside
1171:13:11Richard Main
1181:13:15Ritchie Slessor
1191:13:27Paul Robertson
1201:13:28Andrew Small
1211:13:31Duncan Frost
1221:13:32Frank Peet
1231:13:39Craig Mclaughlin
1241:13:47Stuart Melville
1251:13:56Mark Gravener
1261:14:29Sarah Leslie
1271:14:31Andrew Gordon
1281:14:31Sarah Simpson
1291:14:31Jamie Pallister
1301:14:31Gary Sweeney
1311:14:31Louise Peet
1321:14:38Joy Mckay
1331:14:39Colin Smith
1341:14:44Alan Dick
1351:14:46Graham Masson
1361:14:46Gavin Sim
1371:14:49Gary Paterson
1381:14:53Charlotte Stirton
1391:14:56Neil Fraser
1401:14:59Jonathan Needs
1411:15:00Andy Fraser
1421:15:00Stewart Donald
1431:15:07Steven Dick
1441:15:16Paul Murray
1451:15:17David Abernethy
1461:15:17Mike Hartley
1471:15:21Andy Muir
1481:15:21Stuart Grassick
1491:15:29Euan Davidson
1501:15:34Hazel Patterson

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