Spring Lambs Sportive 2016


5:35:43Adam Fisher
-Adam Scott
3:56:42Adam Tofts
4:35:46Adrian Watkins
5:17:04Alan Chapman
7:31:20Alan Mitchell
4:38:03Alex Smith
CUTOFFAlex Thompson
7:31:02Amanda Currey
4:30:30Amber Snooks
4:44:02Anders Selin
6:23:29Andrew Block
4:14:59Andrew Cornish
5:49:40Andrew Sinclair
4:42:58Andrew Sutton
6:12:42Andrew Walker
6:22:29Andrew Wilson
6:23:18Andy Dumbleton
6:11:40Andy Harvey
5:23:44Andy Preston
5:53:11Andy Scott
7:34:47Andy Thorndyke
6:18:44Andy White
5:39:32Anthony Agius
5:59:57Anthony Griffiths
5:44:40Anthony Miller
5:42:11Arnaud Louet
6:12:27Ashton Parker
CUTOFFBarry Martin
6:49:23Ben Pickett
7:32:18Benjamin Ing
6:39:33Bill Garner
5:25:34Bob Quarton
6:09:30Bradley Taylor
5:42:12Brendan Kearney
4:58:58Brendan Roberts
6:16:43Brendan Robinson
6:17:05Brendan Stanley
6:22:55Brian Downton
3:50:48Brian Rushbrook
6:28:33Bruce Nicholls
6:29:19Byron Stanley
5:37:49Campbell Hall
5:56:37Carl Hathaway
5:43:57Carl Hitching
5:42:23Carl Sargent
6:49:27Carl Suckling
3:54:42Carl Taylor
6:23:25Carol Summers
5:36:46Charles Packshaw

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