NSPCC Milton Keynes Half Marathon & 10k 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant Club
1011:45:29Rudi Chaplin
1021:45:45Rachel Emery
1031:45:49Samantha Moroney
1041:45:58Stephen Walker
1051:46:12Nathan Barrington
1061:46:23Matt Cannon
1071:46:24Jenny Harris
1081:46:29Ricky JeffreyN/A
1091:46:31Robin AndrewsN/A
1101:46:36Justin Wetters
1111:46:48Mark Chappell
1121:46:51Josh BoodenRedway Runners
1131:46:54John Donnelly
1141:46:55Iain StottBedford Harriers AC
1151:46:57Jonathan Arnold
1161:47:00Graham Suppiah
1171:47:03Andrew EmmersonMilton Keynes SRC
1181:47:04Paul BreenN/A
1191:47:04Chris RisingN/A
1201:47:08Deborah MartinBearbrook Running Club
1211:47:10Emma Rowlandson
1221:47:25Alan Haywood
1231:47:27Sulaiman ValiUnaffiliated
1241:47:30Greg MitchellSweatshop Running Community
1251:47:34Victoria Kirschner-HeavensMarshall Milton Keynes Ac
1261:47:45Paul De HoestN/A
1271:47:49Anthony HarrisSudbury Joggers
1281:47:52Victoria Berry
1291:47:55George DaviesOlney Runners
1301:47:57Simon Nicol
1311:48:33Adam DasilvaN/A
1321:48:34Michael Howe
1331:48:37Mark KeensBedford Harriers
1341:48:40Richard LeggeN/A
1351:48:41Emily CoxUnaffiliated
1361:48:47Steve SalmonN/A
1371:49:05Rod While
1381:49:05Lee RadleyRiverside Runners
1391:49:06Paul TubbyN/A
1401:49:06Mark Manning
1411:49:06Adam LakomiecN/A
1421:49:24Samir AlmasreyUnaffiliated
1431:49:30Tony ShakeshaftN/A
1441:49:31Simon NavinRedway Runners
1451:49:37Sam BussThe Red Thread Partnership Ltd
1461:49:37Vivien Black
1471:49:44Robert Goff
1481:49:46Marcin Rostowski
1491:49:47Johan Saunders
1501:49:51Michael Marsh

This event is self-timed by the organisers using the ST App Service and Results Base have no access to the data. All timing and results queries should be sent direct to the event organisers using the contact details below.