Pos.Finish time Participant
512:21:03Christian Olsen
522:21:06Andy Wright
532:21:12David Rigby
542:21:41Simon Grey
552:22:03David Ford
562:22:28Jonathan Jones
572:22:38Neil Turner
582:22:39Nathan Smith
592:23:04Mark Pollitt
602:23:10Adrian Reed
612:23:19Gary Sharlott
622:23:54Joseph Berry
632:24:00Jordan Percival
642:24:23Rachel Munday
652:24:34Jonathan Postle
662:24:40Adam Galloway
672:24:40Howard Williams
682:24:50Peter Rix
692:25:02Jamie Hoare
702:25:07Jon Strange
712:25:07Paul Scully
722:25:09Peter Matzen
732:25:16Ant Wilson
742:25:24Greg Carr
752:25:25Alan Crawford
762:25:58Matthew Chapman
772:26:06Jack Heywood
782:26:14Peter Rodriguez
792:27:04Nick Markley
802:27:14Tom Westwood
812:27:15Rick Edwards
822:27:17Daniel Johnson
832:27:18Cheryl Lomas
842:27:19Gary Mort
852:27:24Nicholas Lord
862:27:38Mike Ellis
872:28:26Steve Quinn
882:28:26Drew Harris
892:29:37Dominic Cowl
902:30:15Martin Grimshaw
912:30:16Brendan Walsh
922:30:16Laura Appleby
932:30:16Laura Murphy
942:30:30Paul Roche
952:30:34Chris Grogan
962:30:36Dylan Roberts
972:30:43Adam Carney
982:30:43Jonny Davies
992:30:44Oliver Brown
1002:30:56Edward Gilbertson

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