Pos.Finish time Participant
1012:31:01Scott Patterson
1022:31:05Helen Johnson
1032:31:15Chris Hinks
1042:31:16Louise Hobson
1052:31:19John Howell
1062:31:31Philip Mullineaux
1072:31:38Anthony Nolan
1082:31:42Ian Muirhead
1092:31:42Jonathan Birkett
1102:31:47Alan Moffatt
1112:31:51Lewis Houghton
1122:32:13Juan Delgado
1132:32:36Matt Roberts
1142:32:43Martyn Wilding
1152:33:01Tim Smitrh
1162:33:02Gareth Davies
1172:33:12Tom Atherton
1182:33:12Stephen Daniels
1192:33:40Matt Powell
1202:33:55Mark Challenor
1212:34:10Vicky Unsworth
1222:34:11Mark Callacher
1232:34:16Guy Mathieson
1242:34:31Shaun Lawrenson
1252:35:27Adam Lawrence
1262:35:28Simone Umlauf
1272:35:37Tony Burquest
1282:35:39Chris Saunders
1292:35:44Karl Shandley
1302:35:53Adam Youds
1312:35:55Stephen Campbell
1322:36:07Mark Evans
1332:36:22Ian Smith
1342:36:22Alex Deveney
1352:36:23David Barr
1362:36:24Laurence Ball
1372:36:24Paul Molyneux
1382:36:26Chris Vagg
1392:36:27Chris Tym
1402:36:34Ger Collins
1412:36:41James Paul
1422:36:42Lars Severinsen
1432:36:47Dave Flanagan
1442:36:58Hamilton Smith
1452:37:10Claire Burns
1462:37:10Jeff Clarke
1472:37:10Mark Burns
1482:37:21Peter Cairns
1492:37:27Mark Whitwood
1502:37:27Andrew Fereday

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