Stonehaven Half Marathon 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:34:45Michael Bott
521:35:16Mark Le Huray
531:35:43Pamela Mccrossan
541:35:57Rory Brand
551:35:58Calum Brand
561:36:12Hazel Wyness
571:37:12Patrick Duggan
581:37:36Mark Young
591:37:42Dale Roy
601:37:55David Gray
611:37:55Graham Henderson
621:37:57Dee Watters
631:38:08Clare Webster
641:38:19Ryan Ferguson
651:38:30Shelley Strachan
661:38:31Timothy Kirk
671:38:40Chris Currah
681:38:44Hugh Laverty
691:39:14Fraser Gormley
701:39:34Phil Forte
711:40:00Chris Zealand
721:40:02Graham Kramer
731:40:06Kevin Mckellar
741:40:33Graeme Thom
751:40:36Robert Ballantyne
761:40:45Ewan Garden
771:40:45Graeme Sleigh
781:40:54Steven Robbie
791:40:55Ewan Grant
801:41:16Ray Crombie
811:41:26Patrick Gray
821:41:49Sean Rafferty
831:41:57Malcolm Todd
841:42:03Rebecca Bryce
851:42:10Duncan Lockie
861:42:12Dale Waters
871:42:14Neil Elrick
881:42:19Stewart Mcgettrick
891:42:23Paul Penrice
901:42:30Nicolas Wibbelmann
911:42:34Duncan Edward
921:42:36Ewan Gill
931:42:42Tony Mcgarva
941:42:47Brian Coyle
951:42:48Gavin Prise
961:42:51Paul Thomson
971:43:02David Norrie
981:43:10Charlotte Finch
991:43:11Jason Kelly
1001:43:13Amy Muir

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.