Stonehaven Half Marathon 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
3512:20:51Linda Kirkcaldy
3522:21:29Colin Fraser
3532:21:29Jenny Fraser
3542:21:33Heather Anderson
3552:22:07Mairi Wilson
3562:22:10Katie Rough
3572:23:18Mark Robertson
3582:24:39Jillian Macphie
3592:25:27Michael Forrest
3602:25:50Chris Bremner
3612:26:39Davide Cranna
3622:27:48Hayley Smith
3632:27:53Pamela Esson
3642:30:00Andrew Rennie
3652:30:18Carol Fraser
3662:31:56Alison Grant
3672:35:36Frank Campbell
3682:36:44Marian Whittet
3692:49:52Alan Gray
3702:51:55Bruce Rolph
3712:55:21Cedric Salter
3726:14:51Bryan Mackie
DNF-Calum Mcleod
DNF-Steven Watters
DNF-Graham Fowler

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.